22 Momme Natural Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

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Olive green
Dark Teal
Light Gray
Rosy Pink
  • Fabric: 22Momme pure Mulberry silk, super soft, lustrous and hypoallergenic which is great for sensitive skin.
  • Size: 48*74cm
  • Silk contains natural proteins and amino acids that help promote the production of collagen and elastin. Among all the fibers, the coefficient of friction of the silk is the lowest thus the silk pillow case helps reducing facial wrinkles. 
  • Silk is a natural temperature regulator which is skin-friendly and moisture to make you stay cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Silk's natural fiber and tight weave create less friction between your hair and the silk pillowcase. It never conduct static electricity or attract dust mites, it's the most natural anti sleep-crease and anti bed-head product.